Aug 02 2009

Blood Money

zorro @ 10:11 pm

DMA Design took us from an amazing intro into a game very similar to SNK’s Andro Dunos, with elements of Mr Heli, Blood Money is a good shooter, but it lacks DMA’s signature wackiness which crept into their games in the future – games like Lemmings, Unirally and of course, the original Grand Theft Auto.

Each of the game’s four worlds had the player at the helm of a different craft – helicopter, submarine, jetpack and spacecraft.

Incredibly difficult (much like the later Project X) Blood Money’s frustrating delights could also be enjoyed with another player and stealing each other’s money was part of the strategy.  Once you get to the shop, it’s more a case of he who lives with the most toys, wins :)

Here is the intro music, it sounds a little dated now, but trust me at the time it was amazing!

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