Aug 02 2009

Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior

zorro @ 8:16 pm

Also known as Death Sword, Palace originally released this for the Commodore 64 in 1987, though the Amiga version looked and played a little better. Both Psygnosis & Palace Software released a Barbarian titled game at roughly the same time. The Psygnosis version was a platform, fantasy romp similar to their previous success – Obliterator.

Palace, on the other hand, came up with one of the best fighting games so far.

It was fast, varied and deadly. “Prepare to Die!” said the announcer, as your characters strode onto the screen. Then it was rolls and fancy sword work until one of you lay down – permanently. The coolest move was to spin and decapitate your opponent in one fell swoop. A lizard walked on to drag the body from the screen, booting the severed head which bounced wetly.

The two-player mode was very much like a game of scissors, paper, rock as executing the same move would counter the attack of the other player. This led to some extended battles.

There was a fair degree of public outrage on the game’s release, though not because of the game’s violent content. Palace hired Page 3 model, Maria Whittaker to pose for the cover and her scantily-clad ‘assets’ created a furore!

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  1. Minuous says:

    >The Psygnosis version was a platform, fantasy romp similar to their previous success – Obliterator.

    Actually, Barbarian predates Obliterator. Eg. see here:

  2. zorro says:

    Thanks Minuous, I got both games at the same time in a Psygnosis pack but remembered that the control scheme seemed to improve in Barbarian and figured it was an evolution. Ah well, call it a mis-step then :-)

    I think they got it right with Stryx though :-)

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