Jul 22 2009

Aliens Versus Predator

zorro @ 10:56 pm

Reviewed: June 1999:

Alien vs Predator first made an appearance on Atari’s ill-fated Jaguar in 1994 and the PC version has been in development since then. Now it has been released on a market whose expectations have been raised by the single player experience of Half-Life and the multi-player experience of Starsiege Tribes & Quake 3.

Having played the first few missions for each character I can confirm that the time has been well spent. As well as having all of the awesome sounds, equipment and quotes from the movies, the game has somehow lifted the atmosphere as well. Strobing lights, sparking equipment, Aliens that can REALLY move, a Predator that appears from nowhere, and hard-ass marines that absolutely rock!

Combine all this and you have one hell of a single player game. Perhaps even better than the mighty Half-Life. But it is the multiplayer that will make or break this, and with all of the different game modes this is the one to keep those LAN parties going! Last Man Standing! Co-operative play! Predator Tag and heaps more! If it sounds great, that’s because it is. Aliens vs Predator is the current King of 3D Shooters.

Chase, hide or advance in over 40 levels of the most nightmarish, chillingly detailed futuristic environment your mind could ever imagine. Now the three most ferocious species in the universe are pitted against one another in a battle for the ultimate prize – survival.

Choose to be a Colonial Marine, a Predator, or an Alien as you make your way through horrifyingly suspenseful environments ranging from spaceships and colonial bases to spacestations and eerie planetscapes. One wrong move turns you from hunter into prey. Your species is counting on you.

Game features include:

  • Play 3 different species: Each with different strengths, weapons, physical abilities and objectives.
  • Over 40 different levels in environments including Spaceships, Alien Temples and Underground Caverns.
  • Deformable Environments:Scorch walls and surroundings with a flame thrower and write your name on the wall with a Pulse Rifle!
  • 10 Multiplayer modes which include: Species War, Co-op, Deathmatch, Tag, and more.
  • DirectPlay and will support peer-to-peer and server-based play.
  • Particles and Dynamic Systems:Stunningly real smoke, steam, sparks, fire and muzzle flashes! Throw a grenade in the water and watch the splash.
  • Hyper Advanced Artificial Intelligence:Regardless of your species, you will be stalked by intelligent opponents that randomize in the environment.
  • 3D sound will support Creative Labs new “Environmental Audio Extensions” through the SoundBlaster Live! card.
  • Total freedom of movement:look up and down, jump, crouch and climb.
  • Dynamic lighting: shoot out lights and the world plunges into darkness, fire a flare down a corridor and see it light up the walls as it goes.
  • Full physics model: objects can bounce and spin.
  • cinematic sounds.

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