May 21 2008

Classic Games

zorro @ 8:41 pm

Classic Gaming moments are few and far between.

For all the gaming rubbish we are forced to endure, occasionally something exceptional comes along that affirms our faith in games.

I’ve covered some of the breakthrough moments in gaming in these pages. Games which took a bold leap forward or games that just did something again but so well, that you wondered why they all didn’t do that.

I’ve also covered systems which changed the face of gaming; landmark systems which swayed entire generations. By and large though, these games are platform independent; they are just well written, designed and executed games.


Space Invaders - Taito - 1978Featured in these pages are games from hallowed ground. Games like Space Invaders, which kick-started the arcade industry and Virtua Racing which began Sega’s driving game dominance. Other formats abound, the Commodore 64 for example – from the ‘renaissance’ era when games were hand-coded from slivers of assembly language – games like Paradroid and Racing Destruction Set. Other games are lauded here for their design prowess like the tech-mech Terra Nova and the game that invented ‘god’ mode – Populous.

Driver - Reflections - 1999Most of this site is just my favourites from the last 25 years of gaming. If you like racing games, you’re in for a treat, ‘cos so do I! From Driver‘s mean, city streets to the golden-days, simulator bliss of Grand Prix Legends. Like ’em cute? Try the Miyamoto masterpiece – Super Mario Kart!

There’s even a bit of format bias to incense the gaming elite. Why not fire up that Super NES vs. Megadrive debate? Thrill as two Japanese giants do battle! Gasp as Mario gets Sonic in a headlock!

Watch the publishing juggernaut Electronic Arts come of age with classic puzzlers like Marble Madness to billion dollar series like FIFA Soccer. Or discover how arcade publisher Konami produced the claustrophobic, shooting and bombing skills of Scramble. And household name First-Person Shooters like Doom and Quake from developers id Software.

Perhaps you grew up with computers? The cult classic Commodore Amiga and the British-made Sinclair Spectrum are the two featured here combined with a bulging PC section – from the sword-fighting grace of Prince of Persia to the timeless strategy of Civilization.

There are over two hundred games here, with screenshots, trivia and gameplay analysis. You’ll smile, you’ll go all misty-eyed, you’ll want your own arcade machine.

That’s the Classic Games Section.

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