Apr 23 2009

Arcade Machine Reloaded Diary – Page 17

zorro @ 9:00 pm


Emulating Virtua Racing is a bit of a holy grail for me. It ran on Sega Model 1 hardware and has so far eluded attempts to emulate it well. OK, so Model 1 was out of the question, but what about Model 2?

Sega Rally Championship - ArcadeStep up the imaginatively-titled Model 2 Emulator v0.9 and step up Sega Rally roms from MAME (it uses the same zipped sets if you have them in the right spot).

It runs fine from within MAMEWah and seems well-suited to this generation’s 3D and resolution requirements. On my ArcadeVGA card, however, I get perfectly emulated black and white graphics.

Here’s my directory structure:

  • f:\mamewah162b13\emu\14segamodel2\
  • f:\mamewah162b13\emu\14segamodel2\roms\

and here’s my MAMEWah command line:

[emurootpath]\14segamodel2\emulator.exe “[rompath]\[name].[romext]” {nodosbox}{nosafelaunch}




I’ll continue to work on it.

[Update] I discovered it is down to the ArcadeVGA card. Based an ATI Radeon 9200 series card it supports classic native arcade resolutions but it does not have pixel shaders.


Another, more modern system the new machine allows is the Playstation and I’m running ePSXe 1.7.0.

Here’s my directory structure:

  • f:\mamewah162b13\emu\28PSX\epsxe\
  • f:\mamewah162b13\emu\28PSX\roms\

and here’s my MAMEWah command line:

[emurootpath]\[emuname]\epsxe\epsxe.exe -nogui -f -loadbin “[rompath]\[name].[romext]”{dosbox}{safelaunch}




It works perfectly!

Be aware you will probably have to download a few libs:


zlib123-dll (zip contains directories and files)

Copy both files to the emulator’s root dir and expand zlib123-dll to its own directory.

Tekken 3, Ridge Racer, Return Fire, Moto Racer, Need for Speed, Tenchu – I am currently extracting isos from my quality Playstation library.

[Update] I want to get this emulator running with the mouse as a lightgun but the undocumented command line switch “-gun” doesn’t seem to do anything except allow the G-Con to be selected.


I used a CD burning program called Alcohol 120% which has a special setting for Playstation games.

Fire up Alcohol and insert your PSX disc. Select “Image Making Wizard” and select Datatype – Playstation. Rename your image name to something more legible than the default and change the image format to CloneCD image file (*.ccd). Press Start.

There’s a bunch of files produced using this method but you only need one for emulators – *.img.


I use mednafen for both PC-Engine and Atari Lynx emulation. I went back to mednafen to fix up the irritating “Save State” prompt that comes up whenever Start “1” or Select “2” are pressed.

Edit mednafen.cfg

Find the lines “;Save state 1 select” and “;Save state 2 select” and “;Save state 5 select” and change the keyboard values to “0”.


;Save state 1 select
command.1 keyboard 0


Virtua Racing - ArcadeKeeping up with the very latest version of MAME doesn’t really interest me too much. I’m sticking with 0.99 until a good reason to upgrade comes along. This means that I don’t keep up with the latest news about adds / removes from MAME either. It turns out that Virtua Racing was successfully emulated in MAME 0.115 and I had missed this news.

I decided to run MAME 0.122 as a separate instance on my cabinet to avoid impacting my existing romsets and since Virtua Racing’s the only game I’m interested in, I decided to make it a dedicated selection. It works perfectly and looks absolutely brilliant!


Problem: Lynx games at full-screen are pixellated and ugly.

Solution: Run the emulator full-screen but make the actual emualtor half-screen.

Assuming you’re setting it via mednafen.cfg and not the command line (double-check, I was running it in both) do the following:

Change mednafen.cfg:

;Full-screen horizontal resolution.
lynx.xres 320

;Full-screen vertical resolution.
lynx.yres 240

;The scaling factor for the X axis.
lynx.xscale 1

;The scaling factor for the Y axis.
lynx.yscale 1

;The scaling factor for the X axis in fullscreen mode.
lynx.xscalefs 1

;The scaling factor for the Y axis in fullscreen mode.
lynx.yscalefs 1

;Enable scanlines with specified transparency.
lynx.scanlines 0

;Stretch to fill screen.
lynx.stretch 0

Largely fixed the Commodore 64 emulator issues.

Using closemul I was able to run the latest version of WinVICE – 2.1. I need to get rid of the menus at the top but it is full-screen and seems to work well…

Problem: Some games use Run/Stop C64 key which is emulated as escape which quits the emulator.

Solution: Used closemul’s optional quit button function and moved quit to 1+5:

closemul.exe 49 53 x64.exe

Now Esc works as Start/Run

Problem: Some of the C64 games run cracktros which have trainers which ask awkward yes/no or F1-F5 related questions.

Solution: Thinking about using snapshots to conquer this.


Problem: CPV2 – I had started afresh but although I got MAME working more effectively, I broke the consoles.

Solution:  As well as defining all your controls in the file, the console headings must match your MAMEWah directories.

e.g. instead of [3DO] I have [20-3do] which is the directory structure I use for MAMEWah configs and emulator directories. So just rename these headings and use MAMEWah’s pre_emulator_app_commandlines to run CPV2 and name your image files the same and you should be sorted.

Fortunately I had kept my old concontrols.ini file, so it was an easy fix once I worked out what the problem was.

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