Oct 17 2011

Craft – Darth Vader

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Gully requested some Star Wars or super-heroes craft stuff. This Jawa inspired me to have a go at a Darth Vader.


  • empty toilet roll tube
  • polysteyrene ball
  • craft glue
  • black felt
  • black paint
  • black contact
  • paper
  • paddle pop stick / coloured pipe cleaner


  • craft knife
  • cutting board

Time: 1-2 hours

Lord Vader


  • Paint the tube and the ball.
  • Stick the ball onto the top of the tube. Suggest simply wiping glue around the rim of the tube.
  • Cut the cloak, join at the neck. Shape the back of the cloak so that it fans out behind him. Also keep the edge of the cloak higher (but not too high) than the bottom of the tube so that he can stand unaided.
  • Stick a small square of paper for his chest panel and draw some coloured buttons. I added a small square of silvered contact on top of the paper with some button holes cut in it. Colour the paper through the holes for better effect.
  • Cut a small piece of black contact (approx 2 cm wide) and long enough to go 2/3 round the head. This will be the classic, flared-helmet look. I would have liked to add a support around the neck to make the helmet flare even more – maybe extra felt?
  • To make a light-sabre, we used a paddle pop stick with a painted handle and some silver contact. You could use poster paint or simply use a bright pipe-cleaner. Cut a thin hole in the tube, just under the edge of the cloak and insert the light-sabre.

2 Responses to “Craft – Darth Vader”

  1. Helen says:

    does Gully want a jet-pack? you could make one like this

  2. zorro says:

    Great idea Helen, I’ve added it to the list and will start collecting soda bottles. I love that site too…

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