Aug 25 2011

Playing Co-Op

Category: Gameszorro @ 11:02 pm

So, multiplayer nights on the X-Box have cooled off considerably. There are a few games that give me some hope though – Aliens Colonial Marines and Driver: San Francisco chief among them. But there are many challenges to multi-player gaming and they are well particularly well documented, over on Chris’ blog. It’s an old post from him but still relevant.

Here are some notes from a recent email discussion:

Anyway, games for the year are:

Driver: San Francisco – demo’s good, handling’s ace, done with NFS:HP – mutiplayer currently planned with Mike (anyone else?)
Batman: Arkham City – after 150+ hours on the original? Duh.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – almost feel as though I should buy this game because it’s the sort of game I should like – intelligent and deep. But it turns out that I’m rather shallow and will buy…
NFS: The Run – depends on the demo and whether I’ve had enough Driver
Trials Evolution – we’ll see
Burnout Crash – maybe if it’s something different
Guardian Heroes – missed it on Dreamcast want to see what the fuss is about

I was going to get Bodycount but, though there were some cool ideas in the demo, the overall control was very average.

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  1. Michael says:

    Who else has Driver San Fransisco? I may not be able to make every Friday night but I do want to play this on line. I’m on randomly and the NAT is now fixed.

    aka enemythane

  2. zorro says:

    So far, only prestop but I’m working on Mega…

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